Military Resources

It is important for women in the military to be aware of the resources available to them.

Below I have compiled a list of websites that should be helpful as you adjust to military life.

If you know of any that I have missed, please add them below in a comment- include the full link to the main page of the site as well as a brief description.  (Please note- I will review each site added in the comment section for relevance.  This is not the place for personal sites for direct sales, spam, etc.  I will delete any sites that do not directly contribute as a resource.)

Thank you!
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Military One Source
 Pretty much a one-stop shop for most military needs.  Bookmark this site- you will use it at some point, I promise!
  All things government related.  This site will link you to THE resource for government jobs.  A useful tool when looking for work on/near your base.  This site will also help you change your address, get information about how to get documents, and will keep you informed of agency information.

My Military Life (and Radio)
  Superb site having many articles related to hot topics among military families.  Also has web radio.  Geared from more of a Navy perspective, but most issues addressed are relevant for all the services.

Blue Star  Families
 Site run by military families for military families, works hand in hand with many politicians and non-profit organizations to help offer clear communication for military families while also offering resources and resolutions to the challenges military families face.

Operation: We Are Here
Very much like an online phone book- both white and yellow pages for anyone associated with the Military.  Links on the right side are geared to help you find exactly the resources you are looking for!

For those who might be victims of rape or sexual assault within Military Ranks, here are some resources for you.

Military Rape Crisis Center
Today the Military Rape Crisis Center is the largest NGO helping survivors of Military Sexual Trauma and their families. The Military Rape Crisis Center free services includes peer support, mental health referrals, victim advocacy, legal advocacy, workshops and eduction.     617-381-4795   and also on Facebook at

My Duty To Speak
A blog sharing brave stories of survivors who have come forward to encourage others, and to fight against injustice following these crimes.

To be continued...  (there are many, many more.... I will add them as I am able.)

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  1. Would love it if you would consider adding as a resource. I have 200+ pages of weblinks, books, etc...countless resources for the military community and military supporters. Thank you for considering! :)


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